Physical Computing

The Power Sleeve for Tetris by Student

This project of wearable technology is a sleeve able to control the game Tetris. By moving your wrist left and right you can move the pieces, by closing the fist you make it rotate and by opening your arm you make it fall.

The sleeve is connected to an Arduino which interprets the signals and controls a USB gamepad to finaly control a Super NESS emulator installed on the computer.

The power sleeve is made only with conducting textiles and conducting threads.

The part that was the most difficult to master was the streaching sensor on the wrist because we had to recalibrate them quite often.

Video of the Power Sleeve working :

Picture of the Power Sleeve with team 13 :
Power Sleeve for Tetris

Eric Hauchecorne for the group 13

Robotic arm controled by a monkey arm by Student
September 25, 2009, 3:04 pm
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This monkey with a microship inplanted in his brain is able to control a robotic arm as if to was his own arm just with brain signals.

This experiment is the proof that we have the technology to get signals directly from the brain with a microsphip. The first target are handicapted people which whould be able to remplace a lost arm or leg with a robotic one and control it as if it was their own. But for those who are ready to risk neronal surgery it opens the possibity to control computers, cars or houses just by though! Amazing and quite scary in the same time…

Eric Hauchecorne Group 13