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Super Mario Game-hack-ed ! by Student
October 23, 2009, 2:35 am
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This project involved hacking into a Logitech Gamepad, which would be controlling the Super Mario game character in a computer ( emulated inside a Nintendo Game Emulator ). Instead of directly using the gamepad, wearable sensors/switches were made which connected to an Arduino, which in turn then controlled the gamepad using a hack in the circuit.

We(Group 7) fabricated two bands which could be worn over elbows or knees as preferred and two switches which were intended to be place inside shoes. Bending the elbows/knees would move the Mario in either directions, while the other two buttons performed the “Fire” and “Jump” action.

Below is a video in action…

Super Mario Game-hack-ed ! on Vimeo

Below are few images of the sensors that were created for the prototype to work.

Controllers/sensors created for the prototype

Controllers/sensors created for the prototype

Our group (No. 7) consisted of Naghmeh Taghavi Nejad Deilami, Diogo Laginha Machado, Alexander Neumann and Suvash Keshari Thapaliya.
Group 7, All smiles.....

The Power Sleeve for Tetris by Student

This project of wearable technology is a sleeve able to control the game Tetris. By moving your wrist left and right you can move the pieces, by closing the fist you make it rotate and by opening your arm you make it fall.

The sleeve is connected to an Arduino which interprets the signals and controls a USB gamepad to finaly control a Super NESS emulator installed on the computer.

The power sleeve is made only with conducting textiles and conducting threads.

The part that was the most difficult to master was the streaching sensor on the wrist because we had to recalibrate them quite often.

Video of the Power Sleeve working :

Picture of the Power Sleeve with team 13 :
Power Sleeve for Tetris

Eric Hauchecorne for the group 13

Mario with buttons and a circuit by Student
October 7, 2009, 9:52 am
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LGIM0008 LGIM0004

Our project was developing an interface for playing Super Mario game with wearable buttons but without using Arduino. The game is controlled by 3 buttons and a bending sensor for every action: One is for going right and another for going left which are put on the feet and controlled by pressing them with our feet, one button for jumping that is placed on the bottom of the player, a bending sensor which is placed on a glove to simulate shooting action by opening hand.

The first problem we encountered was that the jumping and firing signals needed to be inverted. Since the player sits on the jumping button during the game and he/she has to stand up and release the button in order to jump, the signal was supposed to be inverted. The similar issue goes for the fire action too. We built a circuit to be able to invert these signals. We could get this to work when we tried it with a multimeter, but not when we connected it to the gamepad. When we were almost out of time we heard from Mika that there was a problem when trying to connect the gamepad with transistors. We should have used the buttons on top of the gamepad, but we didn’t know that until we were out of time.

We also had a problem when we connected our buttons to the gamepad. The buttons worked, but when we connected them to the gamepad we got shortcircuits. We suspect that this could be due to some problem with soldering of the gamepad, which was quite hard.

It was a good introduction to wearable technology. This field was something that none of us was really familiar with and it was interesting to try. If we did this again we would probably used an arduino. We decided not to use it so that we didn’t have to code anything, but when looking back we realize that it was a mistake.

/Group 10

Control T shirt for PacMan by Student
October 1, 2009, 3:20 pm
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P1040214P1040216This is the T-shirt we designed for playing Pacman.  It contains four direction buttons and two for “start” and “select”.  Four direction buttons are all movable and can be attached  on the shirt wherever u want , which means the direction RIGHT could be your  lift arm and UP could be your back, which really make the game harder but more fun.

Group 12