Physical Computing

by Student
October 23, 2009, 3:02 pm
Filed under: Labs, Projects

miniproject: Group 7

Hot ChocLED!merged


Do you always burn your tongue on a fresh brewed coffee because you’re in a hurry? Do you forget your hot drink often and experience the “special” taste of cold coffee then? The solution for this problems is called hot chocLED. Just plug hcLED to your computerUSB or to another power supply and place your drink on it. HcLED will light up. The colour shows you if your drink is cold (blue), warm (yellow) or hot (red). The heat is conducted via aluminium foil to a LM35 temperature sensor. The signal of the sensor is interpreted with an arduino that switches the light on and off concerning the actual state. The spot for placing your glas or cup is a bit soft to adapt as good as possible to the container for the best possible heat conduction. HcLED is very light, easy to use and fits in almost every modern kitchen. The USB port can be used to enhance hcLED by everybody because the hot chocLED software is open source. So stay tuned for the processing user interface or for the hcLED twitter app ;D.

Hot chocLED is the miniproject of Naghmeh, Suvash, Diogo and Alex (Group 7).


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