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“Doll House” by Student
October 20, 2009, 5:51 pm
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“The Interactive Doll House”

This doll house is an interactive toy for kids, any gender, any age! The house is divided to 2 floors and 4 different rooms. Bedroom, living room, kitchen and hobby/music room. Kids can experience real life in their doll house by putting their dolls in any parts of the house. They can learn more about the real life in this way. For instance by putting the doll on the bed the curtain will drop and the light will go off. Or whenever the doll is in front of the TV, it will be on and vice versa. The same stories in the other parts of the house happens. They can listen to music as well when the doll is in the hobby room. There is a switch embeded in the bed which is connected to the servo motor ( for moving  the curtain) and turn on or off the bedroom light. In the other rooms there are IRs which can detect the doll’s presence. Totally it would be fun for children even for adults to play with a completely intelligent doll house…

Designed and implemented by Group # 8 (Physical Computing 2009) as their Mini project.

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