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History of Robotics Video & The Introduction of Reem B by شریف
September 26, 2009, 4:16 pm
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REEM-B is the evolution of the first humanoid created by Pal Technology Robotics, the REEM-A. The first prototype was designed to play chess with the Hydra chess engine and to be used as development platform. With REEM-B, Pal Technology comes astonishingly close to its final goal; to create a humanoid service robot that will be able to help humans in the future with sophisticated tasks. Our robot can walk dynamically, recognize and grasp objects, lift heavy weights and go around by itself inside any building complex, avoiding obstacles.

It can speak with people and accept voice commands, recognize faces and remind appointments as a secretary. All these features, including the large battery autonomy, makes REEM-B unique in its type. Discover REEM-B, one of the most sophisticated humanoid robots in the world. Discover REEM-B, one of the most sophisticated humanoid robots in the world.

Pal Group has been formed to cater the needs of different segments of the IT industry, Security, Wood Works, Water Desalination, Construction, Travel and Tourism, Rent a Car, Entertainment (TV Channels) and Trading. In-house expertise of the various business segments has enabled the P1al group to emerge as one of the leading business solution providers in the United Arab Emirates. PAL Technology was established in the year 2000 under UAE laws.
Reem B

Reem B


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