Physical Computing

Ubiquitous RFID by Student
September 25, 2009, 12:01 pm
Filed under: Labs

Skål is a media player designed for the home that lets you interact with digital media using physical objects.

The technolighy behind of this product is only RFID, the reader is located in the “bowl” and tags are attached on different objects. By putting objects into the “bowl”, screen can show different videos.
This case induce me to think more about RFID. Maybe one day, RFID can be used into all products, all animals or even all human’s body. The way to pay for the shopping is only walk through a “door” which is a RFID reader, Depending on the tags placed in products and also human’s body,computer transmit money from our bank account to the shop automatically. Yes, this is the benifite we get from RFID, everything has two sides. Ubiquitous RFID make our life efficient,however, privacy is going to be worried about. So far, there’s no law to set limit on RFID technology, which means shop can put tags into shoes and clothes or any thing to trace people.
We, designers should think about weakpoints when we are creating “magic”.
High technology can be also harmful!

Yiwen Wei    Group14


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