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Spiritus Coloris by Student
September 25, 2009, 2:13 pm
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The Spiritius Coloris was a showcase for the “night of the sounds 2007” at the Bielefeld University. It’s an installation that converts visual input in audible signals. The visual inputs were generated by visitors with the help of colored cubes and recorded with several cameras. Every cube “generates” another sound sample. This samples varied depending on the movement of the cubes.

A video is available at

Unfortunately it’s a bit noisy and there are more than one installation.  Because of this it’s a bit hard to see what cube generates what kind of sound and when but the general idea is distinguishable.

The showcase was realized by Till Bovermann, Rene Tünnermann and Matthias Zenker. All pictures were made by Till Bovermann.

by Alexander Neumann (Group 7)


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Thanx for the feature 🙂 Btw, the sounds were not rendered according to the movements of the cubes, but depending on the amount of a specific color (RGB) in the video image. As your wonderful image in the weblog here (the interconnecting seeds) suggests, the 6 stations were interconnected with each other and communicated their color amount to each other.

Comment by Till

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