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Sixth sense by Student
September 25, 2009, 2:59 pm
Filed under: Inspiration

This is called the “Sixth Sense” from the labs at MIT, and I first saw it at It’s an apparatus that you carry with you, consisting of three other technologies, A mobile phone, a projector, and a camera. Basically it can give you new features in the real world such as looking up reviews on products in realtime by just being close enough to let your sixth sense look at it, take pictures by holding your fingers up forming a frame, displaying all your photos on a wall through the projector, and the list goes on and on! The product review part can work with many things because it can, among other things, read QR code and goes on the internet via the phone and look reviews up.

In the TED video we can see some of these usages of this technology and the sixth sense is pretty fresh so things will probably get better such as improvements on the projector, higher contrast, better resolution etcetera, etcetera.

But all an all, I would want to have something smarter than a phone interacting more and more with the world like this prototype does.

sixthsensePicture source:



Blogged by: Jörgen Engström from group 4


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