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Human Bionic Arm by Student
September 25, 2009, 2:18 pm
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Developed by DARPA in association with John Hopkins University, US, this electro-mechanical arm just functions like any human arm with blood and flesh. It has got sensors which are attached to the persons shoulder and chest which can sense brain signals from the nerves. As a result when the person wearing the device thinks to lift or move his arm the device actually moves or lifts the arm attached to it. Sounds unreal but DARPA have already come up with the 1st prototype of the device which was tested successfully this year!!! They are developing it specially for the soldiers who have lost their limbs in wars but think of the world of good it will create for those persons who have undergone any kind of amputation.

The prototype 2 aims at creating 27 different kind of movements and temperature sensing for the Arm and they are going to implant or inject the sensors in the body

Video Prototype 1

Video prototype 2

Via :

Best Bionic Arm
Our Most Limb-Like Prosthetic

Blogged By : Abhiroop Gupta (ISD 09)  Group No. 8


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