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Commotion – Scream !!!! by Student
September 25, 2009, 1:12 pm
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COMMOTION u know to scream!! then you would win this game !! This interesting project was done by Alexandre Armand and Bram Dauw at the Art University of Lausanne (ECAL) in Switzerland. This is a very interesting car racing game where you accelerate your car with your voice! You can control the speed of the car with any sort of voice you can make .. The drivers/players ought to wear a helmet which has a headphone in it , and the voice from this device is transfered to the circuit , controlling the motion/speed of the car.. I enjoyed a lot seeing the video .. There is so much simplicity and lots of fun involved in the game .

Pixel Sumo
website of the game

Blogged by Ranjith Ananthraman(ISD 09) – Group No. – 15


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Hi Ranjith,

I’m Alex from Francobelge Design.
Thanks for your post and your very kind comment about Commotion !
On your website, you wrote an article about hacking a controller to play Mario, I think you will love a project that I did 6 years ago…
Tell me what you think.

Alex Francobelge Design

Comment by alex from francobelge design

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