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Big Mouth Billy Bass gets on Twitter : @mbedmicro by Student
September 25, 2009, 3:28 pm
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Big mouth Billy Bass is a singing toy, which actually is a fish made of rubber on a mechanical frame. Normally it looks like a fish just mounted on a wooden board, but the twist is that it turns its head out and also wiggles. At the same time it can sing songs, or speak out.
Originally this singing mechanism was controlled by a motion sensor which would be activated by a passer-by thus startling him/her.

Big Mouth Billy Bass ( on Wikipedia )

Big Mouth Billy Bass ( on Wikipedia )

However, a crazy folk (named Steve) at mbed added a further twist to this project. He has reinvented the Billy Bass, and now it can tweet. If somebody tweets a message to @mbedmicro Bill Bass just tweets it by speaking it aloud live, and the video is streamed live on the mbed web page, which is really cool.

As mentioned in the website

The Twittering Billy hack replaces his existing brain with an mbed Microcontroller, wiring it up to his motors so we have control of his movements, an SD card so he can store lots of audio files, and the mbed’s Ethernet interface to the internet. What might be surprising is that Billy is not connected to a PC; everything is being done by the mbed Microcontroller and a connection to the internet!

Using a bunch of technologies primarily concentrating on the web and micro controllers, this is a great example of what can be done !

What more ! go tweet something to @mbedmicro and watch it live here !

~Suvash Thapaliya ( Group 7 )


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