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21th Century “Chonmage” ARider by Edgar Cuellar Group 12 by Student
September 25, 2009, 1:29 pm
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21th Century “Chonmage” ARider

Now with all the new technologies there are a lot of pretty neat features available for us. If you happen to get an iPhone 3G there is a prototype for an improved GPS hardware.
The Invention of Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. is an interface that goes on a helmet (in the case of the example above is a bike helmet) where the iPhone is placed on top of it using its GPS capabilities and its integrated digital compass it can guide you trough the city to a yet unknown destination for you. The iPhone is attached to an interface that will show you the way in a tailored display only for one eye (sort of a head up display) and it can be retracted and deployed as desired. So far the prototype was tested riding a bike and the design is sort of rudimentary but it has a lot of potential even for driving cars, motorcycles or bikes which can help you a great deal.
I think using the existing technologies and extended in a way that are more simple or more useful in real life is a good way to develop new products. It all start with a few I deas and as they evolve, many great goals and devices can be achieved.
Here is a video of the device in action courtesy of Make Magazine:

Edgar Cuellar Group 12


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