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Control your house with your cellphone (Team 6) by Student
September 21, 2009, 7:52 pm
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Just imagine yourself in your soft and comfortable bed at 1 a.m., then you remember that you forgot to turn off the lights from the kitchen, would you feel like waking up to turn them off? Not me, I would prefer to stay in bed instead. Well, someone already think on it. You can use your cellphone to control many devices through Bluetooth, as many as you wish.

For this porpouse, the Bluetooth module AUBTM-22 is being used, as well as the At89C2051 microntroller (this is from Atmel, so it’s an Ardiuno’s relative). The interface between both chips is trough serial, so it easily could be handle by the Aduino. The uC application is written in assembler, so if any of you have some  spare time, you could code it in C/C++ or Java.

On the cellphone side, the application runs on Symbian OS(most of the Nokia). For those who are OOP programmers, it could a real challenge to code a Java version in oredr to make it work in almost any cellphone or at least more portable.



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your work is intresting for me.
can you send the j2me (java for mobile phones) code of this project for me?
I will be gratefull, if you do.
thanks a lot,
Elyas Ansari,

Comment by Elyas

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