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GloboCow Group 3 by Student
September 16, 2009, 9:27 pm
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Hi! My name is GloboCow. I am 10 days old. I was born in a room called inDesign at ITUNIV on 7th Sep 2009. I have three fathers: Christofer, Daniel, and Magnus, and two mothers: Ghazal and Liting.

Why am I called GloboCow. Oh…I was made by an evil circuit which is called Globo. It contains two lights that light up in the dark, which are my eyes. But I am a cute cow with two evil red eyes, so I am a little evil as well.

My father Magnus is an electronic expert, Daniel is somewhere between an professional and an amateur, but the others are just newbies. I was born when they had the first lab during the course of Physical Computing.

My life is short but reborn. My heart is a 9 volt battery. The picture you have seen in this post, actually it is my second life. My father Magnus made up my circuit one by one with a clear and wonderful interpretation to my other parents. They all learned much from my circuit.

Why am I a cow. Because my parents want me to be a cow!!! As I know I should be a kitten. But my father Daniel found the nice cow’s fabric, so then I was changed to a cow. My father Christofer draw a nice sketch which I consist of two cylinder, one is my body, and another one is my head. Of course I have four legs, one tail, and two ears. I was finally built through the efforts of all my parents using the Globo circuit, hard paper, fabric, etc.

Now I am living with many other funny stuff in room Quark, and I am desired if you want to see me there. But be careful about my head, which is too heavy, because my heart is there. So sometimes I am unwillingly kneeling on the ground.


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